Patrick K. Boyle, MD

Clinical Director of Perioperative Services
Director, Perioperative Ready Room

Dr. Patrick K. Boyle was born and raised in New Mexico, where he entered the Navy under a Navy ROTC scholarship at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico in 1977. After pursuing a course of studies in biomedical engineering he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Engineering Option and reported to the Naval Air Training Command Pensacola Florida for basic flight training. Upon completion of basic flight training he reported to Basic Naval Flight Officer School at Training Squadron Ten at NAS Pensacola where he graduated with honor, first in his class in November 1982. He proceeded on to Mather AFB to the Naval Aviation Training Unit for advanced over water navigation and earned his Naval Flight Officer wings in May 1983. In June 1983 he reported to Patrol Squadron 31, Moffett Field California, for advanced training in the P-3 antisubmarine patrol aircraft, where he learned the principles of antisubmarine warfare and transoceanic navigation. After completion of this, he reported to Patrol Squadron One in Barbers Point Hawaii in January 1984 where he served as an air crewman qualifying as a P-3 navigator, tactical coordinator and mission commander. His next tour of duty was to the University of Arizona NROTC unit as an instructor and counselor to midshipmen in January 1987. He taught Naval weapon systems, Naval history and acted as counselor to both 3rd and 4th class midshipmen. At this time he rekindled an interest in medicine, which was born in part by his mother who was a registered nurse and began to explore careers in the allied health fields. He initially started a course of study in Industrial Hygiene/Toxicology, but soon realized that he had a deeper interest in direct medical care and applied for medical school. He was accepted and matriculated to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, the nation’s only military medical school in August 1989 and earned a Medical Doctor degree in May 1993. Shortly there after he was assigned to the Naval Medical Center San Diego for a one-year internship and at the completion of internship he returned to Pensacola Florida to the Naval Aviation Medical Institute to become a Naval Flight Surgeon in April 1995. Because of his prior aviation experience, he was selected for a special position at the Naval Strike Warfare Center in Fallon, Nevada. Having a background in bioengineering, as well as aviation and physiology, suited him for a strong interest in Anesthesiology and he was selected for residency in July 1997 to return to the Naval Medical Center San Diego. He successfully completed Anesthesiology residency in July 2000, being honored as the Outstanding Resident of the Year and remained on at the Naval Medical Center San Diego as staff. In his tenure at Naval Medical Center San Diego, he served in numerous capacities in addition to being an Anesthesiologist. He has served as the Vice Chairman of Clinical Affairs, Interim Department Chairman, Head Scheduler, Operating Room Medical Director and of most recent and significant established an Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia Service that has levied significant benefit to many of the OIF war wounded who have severe extremity injuries. In addition to these duties, he has been deployed to the Arabian Sea on the USS John C. Stennis, to the Far East with the Marines and to Al Taqquadum Iraq with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. Dr. Boyle joined the faculty at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in July 2007 as an Assistant Professor.

Research Interests: 

2004-pres. Naval Medical Center San Diego, Department of Anesthesia CIP #S-03-164, Associate Investigator, Utility of Acoustic Reflectometry in Various Clinical Situations. 2002-2005 Naval Medical Center San Diego, Department of Anesthesia CIP# S-03-001, Associate Investigator, Analysis of Intrathecal Lipophilic Narcotics in a Bupivicaine-Morphine Mixture for Cesarean Section. 2002-2004 Naval Medical Center San Diego, Department of Anesthesia CIP# S-01-110, Associate Investigator, A Comparison of Prophylactic Dolasetron Versus Ondansetron in Patients at High Risk for Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting. 2002-2003 Naval Medical Center San Diego, Department of Anesthesia CIP# S-03-015, Associate Investigator, Mechanisms of False Positive and False Negative Results When Using Various Esophageal Detection Devices. Use of the Esophageal Detection Device in Confirming Placement of Needle Cricothyroidotomy.

  • BS: University of New Mexico, 1982
  • MD: Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, 1993
  • US Naval Regional Medical Center Anesthesiology
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Anesthesiology



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