The Science of Consciousness 2019

Stuart Hameroff MD and the Center for Consciousness Studies (‘CCS’) have received $153,000 from the Penrose Institute for clinical studies of transcranial ultrasound (‘TUS’) for treatment of dementia, brain trauma, addiction and mood disorders. He will be collaborating with Drs John JB Allen and Jay Sanguinetti in Psychology, Bellal Joseph in Surgery, Rich Amini in Emergency Medicine, and Todd Vanderah and Tally Largent-Milnes in Pharmacology. TUS has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function in humans, reverse effects of Alzheimer’s and brain trauma in animals, and could prove useful in treatment and/or prevention of post-operative cognitive dysfunction (POCD). The first clinical study showing TUS effects on mental states in humans was done by Hameroff and departmental colleagues (including Drs Boyle and Lucas) and published in the journal Brain Stimulationin in 2013. 

The CCS-sponsored conference ‘The Science of Consciousness 2019’ will be held June 25-28 in Interlaken, Switzerland, in the Alps, near famous mountain peaks Eiger, Monk and Jungfrau. The program is excellent, including a workshop on how anesthetics act to specifically erase consciousness. Dr Hameroff is conference co-organizer, and will give several talks during the 4 day event. Click Here to read more.    

Release Date: 
02/04/2019 - 1:45pm