Department Announcements


Wayne K. Jacobsen, MD - Department Head

Dr. Wayne Jacobsen, who has previously served as anesthesiology chair at Loma Linda University Medical Center, has been the Residency Program Director at our department for the past nine years. 



Clinical Director - Kai Schoenhage, MD

Dr. Kai Schoenhage has now assumed the position of Clinical Director (Director of Perioperative Services) for the Department of Anesthesiology. In this role, together with Co-Directors from Surgery and Nursing, he oversees and manages all aspects of the operating room environment, equipment and outside locations to improve and maintain efficiency and work-flow. Dr. Schoenhage also serves as Director of our Liver Transplant Anesthesia Team.


Residency Program Director - Ryan Matika, MD

With Dr. Jacobsen as Head, Dr. Ryan Matika will become Residency Program Director. Dr Matika has been heavily involved in resident teaching, particularly preparation for written and oral boards, and has developed proven tools for this purpose. Dr. Matika will continue Dr. Jacobsen’s excellent record of recruiting, educating and nurturing our residents. Dr. Matika is trained in Intensive Care Medicine as well as Anesthesiology. He will be assisted by Dr. Kerry Kreidel as our new Associate Program Director.


Associate Program Director - Kerry Kreidel, MD
Dr.  Kreidel served as Chief Resident and continues to serve on the Anesthesia Clinical Competence Committee.  



Release Date: 
07/17/2013 - 5:35pm
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