Abbey Bayless, MD

Where do you consider your hometown to be?
Scottsdale, Az
What are your personal hobbies?
Hiking, Reading, Road trips, Binge-watching reality TV shows
Why did you choose University of Arizona - Anesthesiology?
A few reasons- proximity to family, the culture, & the opportunity for thorough, challenging, and supportive training in the field of anesthesia. Everyone in the department was exceptionally friendly, welcoming & enthusiastic about the field. Prior graduates of the program told me how well prepared they were for their jobs after residency, boasting about the wide range of exposures they had during training. And, as an Arizona native, I am thrilled to be able to attend residency here!
Favorite activity in Tucson?
  • MD: University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, Arizona, 2023
  • Anesthesiology - University of Arizona College of Medicine, 2024 - 2027
  • Anesthesiology, Categorical Track - University of Arizona College of Medicine - 2023 - 2024