Alumni Personal Experiences

Katrina McGuire, MD

Class of 2017

"I completed my anesthesia residency with the University of Arizona’s Department of Anesthesiology and the overall training, faculty mentorship, and fellow resident comradery exceeded my expectations from a residency program. I have been out in in private practice for a few years now and there are no anesthesia circumstances that I have not felt prepared for.  I owe this to the diverse and progressive training I received during my residency.   I developed confident independence in my anesthesia practice over the three years of training in the areas of general anesthesia, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, trauma, non-invasive procedures, regional anesthesia, pediatrics, and obstetrics. The faculty mentorship was very strong for a residency program and I completed my time with continued strong collegial relationships with my attendings.  In addition to the wealth of training I received, I also personally pursued training and board certification by the National Board of Echocardiography for transesophageal echocardiography.  This was overwhelmingly facilitated, encouraged, and supported by the cardiac faculty. I look back over my time in training with confidence, fondness, and pride." 

Alex Ibarra, MD

Class of 2019

"My training at The University of Arizona has prepared me well for life in private practice Anesthesiology. The program ensured functional competent exposure in various surgical sub-specialties including cardio-thoracic, neurosurgical, obstetric and really important for me was the significant emphasis on regional anesthesia and ultrasound skills. The faculty gave me the appropriate degree of autonomy to excel and develop great clinical decision making skills, with routine anesthetic and critical care management on the most Ill of patients. With these, along with the variability in cases, I left the program with the confidence in my training and little doubt that I could handle myself in life after residency."  

James A. Nelson, M.B.B.S.

Class of 2016

 "It’s with fond memories that I fully recommend choosing Banner University Medical Center in Tucson as the place to complete your anesthesiology training. Becoming an outstanding anesthesiologist requires hard work and dedication as a resident but also an environment that encourages and helps develop outstanding attributes. You’ll find that environment in Tucson. In addition to being a fantastic place to live the University Medical Center is known for training outstanding clinical anesthesiologists. There I was provided with guidance and support during the initial steep learning curve of early residency and then quite quickly progressed to providing anesthesia for increasingly complex cases with an increasing level of autonomy. An attending staff with a diverse background exposed me to a variety of approaches, from the more conventional to the more novel, providing a rich experience and the development of flexibility and a wide skill set within the operating room. Beyond an outstanding clinical experience I was given the resources and time to do well academically scoring highly on board exams and the annual national in-training exams. The training and input I received at the University Medical Center in Tucson was integral in matching to my first choice cardiac fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester where I was ahead of the curve when fellowship started and where I continue on staff today."   

Andrew Hennigan, MD

Class of 2019

"Why I chose U of A Dept anesthesiology for residency: The first thing I noticed when I was a sub-I was that the residents were happy at work and how collegial their relationship was with their attendings and each other…. liking the people you work with makes residency so much easier.  Secondly, I was impressed by the acuity of cases the residents were doing and the independence with which they were doing them."