Didactic Program

The anesthesiology department follows a three year schedule of all required ABA topics.

We have morning conference from 0630-0700 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and cover topics from the ABA knowledge content outline, case conferences, and PBLI.

We have grand rounds on Wednesdays from 0630-0830 and it includes the following formats below:

The Continuos Quality Improvement Conference (M&M) entails one or two residents working closely with a faculty member to present an interesting case. The session begins with a case description and then progresses to a question/answer session which frequently creates a lively discussion among the faculty and residents. Residents en the presentation with a brief review of a topic relevant to the presentation. 

Journal Club:  Journal articles are presented by residents and faculty. It is a great opportunity for residents to come together, enjoy a nice meal, and discuss current topics relating to anesthesia.

The Didactic Lectures are part of a structured three-year lecture series designed to comprehensively review the major topics and concepts pertinent to the specialty of anesthesiology. The 30-minute lectures are grouped by topics into 4 week lecture blocks and presented in an organized fashion by faculty specialized in each area. Incorporated into these blocks are problem-based learning sessions and written examinations.

July Didactics

The July didactic schedule is different from the rest of the year as we make a strong effort to ease our new residents into the practice and study of anesthesiology.

During the morning conferences, the new residents receive an introductory level lecture on various anesthetic topics such as charting, airway management, pain management, IV drugs, volatile anesthetic agents, regional anesthesia, etc. This lecture series is quite beneficial in providing a reading schedule and in helping our new residents as they begin to conquer the overwhelming amount of information that the study of anesthesiology requires.


  • January: Anesthesia Knowledge Test (AKT-6)
  • February: ABA In-Training Exam
  • March: Mock Oral Board Examination
  • June: Anesthesia Knowledge Test (AKT-24)
  • July: ABA BASIC Exam