Basic/Translational Research

Joao Luis Carvalho de Souza, DVM , PhD

Ion channels biophysics

  • Mechanisms of voltage sensing in ion channels
  • Non-canonical mechanisms of voltage-gating in ion channels
  • Study of natural variants of ion channels related to human neurological disorders such as epilepsy and ataxia

Retinas rehabilitation using gold-nanoparticles

  • Development of a non-genetic, non-implantation technique to re-enable photosensitivity in retinas


Andreia Z. Chignalia, PharmD, PhD

Heart Failure

  • Cardiac Remodeling during Chronic Heart Failure: focus on cardiomyocyte proliferation and differentiation
  • Pulmonary vascular dysfunction during acute heart failure


  • Adrenergic signaling and vascular dysfunction in essential hypertension
  • Heparan sulfate proteoglycans in hypertensive disease

Oxidative stress

  • Reactive oxygen species and cell fate
  • Reactive oxygen species and cardiovascular remodeling
  • Oxidative signaling in the regulation of lung permeability